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Fabulous after 50~Finding Fulfillment for Tomorrow - ISBN# 9781603747370 & eBook ISBN# 9781603747387 by Shirley W. Mitchell with Whitaker House

Fabulous After 50 ~ Finding Fulfillment for Tomorrow - ISBN #9781603747370 by Author Shirley W. Mitchell, is a guide into the Boomer 50ish span of life. In this age of living longer, many women forget about living better. The race to prolong life somehow stops the drive to add quality to that life. This doesn't have to be so, and here is dynamic proof of that daring defiance. Author Shirley Mitchell challenges those approaching 50 not to dread it, but to relish the future. Greet it and make it your friend. Realize that passing through physical, emotional, and spiritual changes can take you to powerful places filled with new possibilities...

~ Challenge YOUR Age-Dare To Be Defiant
~ Relish The Future and Make It Your Friend
~ Re-Spark Your Life With A New Mental Posture
~ Accept Who YOU Are
~ Anticipate Change With A Royal Attitude
~ Smile - It's The Best Face Lift
~ Tone Your Health-Eat Right, Exercise and Have Fun


Finding Fulfillment For Tomorrow

       The 'Age of Discovery' is turning '50 Young'.

        Finding Emotional and Spiritual Support for

Guidance and Experiencing Fulfillment for Tomorrow!

            Book #1

Aging Boomer Series

Age of Discovery


The Golden Egg of Aging™ ~ Shirley W. Mitchell



1.) Make Midlife Prime Time with a Positive Attitude Toward Aging

2.) Fighting Midlife Fears

3.) The Ageless Woman: Living Victoriously Is Possible by Embracing Our Spirituality

4.) Heritage, Happiness and Hope in Midlife: Shaping Our Spiritual Lives

5.) Courageous Aging: Shaping and Changing the Future

6.) Family and Friends After 50

7.) Debunking the Diet Mysteries: Eating Right

8.) Fitness After 50

9.) In the Jaws of Menopause

10.) Fiftyish-Female-Fabulous

11.) An Exciting and Vibrant Life from Here to Eternity

12.) Sizzling with Significance

"As I finished reading Fabulous after 50, I had the unmistakable feeling that I was 10 years younger than when I started. It's energy is contagious. Be careful you might catch it" ~ Dr. Walter M. Bortz, ll, M.D., Active Over 50

"With almost 80 million baby boomers riding the "Age Wave" into maturity, aging well suddenly has become a major focus in our society. I'm pleased that Fabulous after 50 boldly speaks to this generation. Well done!" ~ Dr. Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D., AgeWave


                  Shirley W. Mitchell
    Author, Writer, Columnist, Speaker &
        Celebrity Radio Talk Show Host

Fabulous After 50~Finding Fulfillment for Tomorrow - ISBN# 9780892214976  by Shirley W. Mitchell - New Leaf/Lighthouse Coastal

"Fabulous after 50 is an excellent read about meeting this prime time with a positive attitude toward aging. This book boldly speaks to this generation and it would also be a good study guide. The book helps you realize that even as you pass through physical, emotional and spiritual changes, by welcoming 50, you open yourself up to powerful places of possibility" ~ Sue Stevens, University United Methodist Church Women's Mission Team

We enjoy traveling, participating in Author Signings and Events, and connecting with people all over the country. We love to stop and visit Book Stores along our journey, and speak to the owners and managers...

The Future is Coming © by Shirley W. Mitchell, Syndicated Columnist


The Baby Boomers are getting older. In 1996, the leading edge of the 76 million babies born between 1946 and 1964 will reach 50 years old. Dr. Ken Dychtwald, author of the "Age Wave," compares this segment of our society with a 76 million pound elephant marching across America. This march of the aging elephant will endure for 18 years.

The approaching "Age Wave" was produced by the (1) senior boom (Americans are living longer, healthier and more active lives); (2) the birth dearth (the number of children being born will not offset the growing elder population); and (3) the aging baby boomers. As we anticipate this giant elephant of golden oldies, we must prepare for the future.

One solution is to create healthy aging. As science moves into better control of diseases, and people learn to exercise, eat and think healthy for prevention, at 90 years of age one could feel good.

Bob Hills, vice president of Merck and Co., made the statement, "We must make healthy aging a norm."

Maddy Kent Dychtwald, a member of Age Wave Inc., stated at a recent Age Wave Conference, "Contrary to popular opinion there is life after youth, and life can be good. "She believes Americans will change their paradigm from number of years lived to life stages.

We experience stages of life. Some examples are youth, parenting, career, empty nest, grandparenting, etc. As youth migrates into middle age, forty to sixty year olds will be center stage. America's old paradigm for life has been to march through life then retire at 65. The new paradigm will favor cyclic life or serial life. As we live longer and better, we will start new careers, new hobbies and new skills in mid-life. Life keeps getting better instead of deteriorating.

Age will be in charge of the future. Richness of life, God, family (roots), quality time, connecting with people, dining, care giving, dancing, music, adventure, gaining new skills, learning, traveling, exercise, health and spiritual growth will take precedent over things.

Shirley W. Mitchell, Author of the new Aging Boomer Series with Whitaker House, is the Owner and Founder of the Fabulous after 50® Media Group - a Motivational, Inspirational and Educational Company providing products and services related to Organizing and Conducting Educational Conferences, Classes, Symposiums, Seminars, Workshops, Speeches, Training Courses, and the Distribution of Materials including Multimedia Audio, Video, CD, DVD, Books, Newsletters, Articles, Electronic Books and Audio Publications focusing on Aging, Baby Boomers, Seniors and Senior Lifestyles, Women’s and Men's Issues, Health, Diet, Exercise, Fashion, Beauty, Nutrition, Faith, Travel, Reference, Culinary and Literary located in Northern Alabama.

"Join us and take a journey into the many concerns facing those who are attaining that incredible path for the future"

Aging Outside the Box® Talk Radio With A Twist™ Syndicated Radio Show
Sensational After 60~Loving Life All Over Again - ISBN# 9780892216093 By Shirley W. Mitchell - New Leaf/Lighthouse Coastal

The Books that Started the Boomer Journey ~ Fabulous after 50 & Sensational after 60

Radiant after 70~Adding Sparkle and Spirit to Life - ISBN # 9781629113494 by Shirley W. Mitchell with Whitaker House
Sensational After 60~Loving Life All Over Again - ISBN# 9781603747479 by Shirley W. Mitchell with Whitaker House

Book #2 in the Aging Boomer Series - Sensational after 60 ®...

Shirley W. Mitchell is well known for her enthusiastic embrace of life in The Golden Years. Her fourth book, Fabulous After 50, received nationwide attention. Shirley is a dynamic role model for 'Baby Boomers Heading Into Their Second Half '..! In this age of living longer, many women forget about living better. The race to prolong life somehow stops the drive to add quality to that life. This doesn't have to be so, and here is dynamic proof of that daring defiance.

Book #3 in the Aging Boomer Series - Radiant after 70®...

In the last, most thrilling quarter of life, join Shirley W. Mitchell in... Staying physically and mentally active, Blessing others with time-tested wisdom, Creating and fulfilling a bucket list, Recognizing and acting on symptoms of age-related health problems, and Choosing a positive, hopeful attitude. Embrace the positives of life and hold on to hope, which is not defined by outward circumstances. Be a light to others by living beautifully, even radiantly, after 70.

Fabulous after 50 ~ Finding Fulfillment for Tomorrow

            Book #2

Aging Boomer Series

            Book #3

Aging Boomer Series

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